Welcome HECTOz!

Hector ’HECTOz’ Jensen and Magnus ‘Fr0slev’ Frøslev signed for us two weeks ago. We’ll bring an interview with each of them starting with HECTOz right here.

Hector has played for Fastloose before joining our team. He is 21 years old, and according to FaagaN he raise the general level on the team with his good spirit and his individual abilities.

The player himself was thrown into our roster, as we’ve had a lot of games in Powerligaen, ESEA Advanced and Winners League within the last two weeks. But Hector has been very satisfied by the warm welcome received:

– Right from the first contact with FaagaN everything has been very nice at AGF and I got a very good impression of the club and the players. I feel that I already know them all, and we have a good team spirit, he tells.

The choice to change team colors was an easy one to make for our new capacity:

– I wanted to try something new and I haven’t played with anyone on this team before. I got the impression that these guys have big ambitions and are a very hungry team who wants to succed, and all my hopes have been redeemed after my start here. I’ve never been on a team where everyone is so dedicated as these guys, Hector explains.

The new lineup has not had the time to practice, and they have played without any special deals and strategies until now, but within a few weeks we’ll get to see a more fluent gameplay according to Hector:

– The other guys have shown great faith in me already, and when we’ve got the time to practice together we can achieve big things here, our new signing says.

He began playing Counter-Strike:Condition Zero when he was 8 years old, but when CS:Source came out he really started playing a lot and he played on teams in a more competitive way. He continued playing with his friends in CS:GO, but after Copenhagen Games 2015 he received several offers from other teams and he tried to play with more professional lineups.

– What has made me the player I am today is that I got the chance to play with some experienced players on my teams and of course the unlimited hours of practice, Hector says.

Hector hopes to develop into a front figure on the team, and he is ready to take a lot of responsibility on the team:

– After more practice with the team I hope to develop into a leader and start fulfill a more responsible role on the team where I take control of the game. This is without any doubt the team with most ambition and motivation to succed that I’ve ever played for, so my dream is, that we can play well and develop to a top 5 team in Denmark. Personally I want to show the Danes that I can play with the very best in Denmark, HECTOz says.

If you want to watch HECTOz and co. play, you can follow our games on Twitch, when we play ESEA Advanced on Monday.