Waoo is new main sponsor at AGF Esport

Waoo will be centrally placed on our new uniforms, when the new eSuperliga airs on Monday night. Waoo is the leading company of internet, tv and telephony through fibre-optic broadband, and they are the new main sponsor of AGF Esport. The company is the first ever main sponsor at AGF Esport.

In the future, the CS:GO and FIFA team of AGF Esport will play with the logo of Waoo on their uniforms as a visible proof of the new cooperation.

– Esport has a broad appeal to the younger segment of the public, and that appeal is only getting bigger. That is why we are very happy for this new partnership with AGF Esport. It is an organization with great values and their approach to esport is very exciting. AGF Esport believes in the human aspects and insists to create a good environment for young talents. We support these values, and we are looking forward to supporting the players and of course see them at the highest level, in a couple of years, says CEO of Waoo, Jørgen Stensgaard.

Waoo’s involvement in esport is not a coincidence, as they are Denmark’s biggest provider of fibre-optic broadband, which is used by many players all over the country. High-speed internet is an essential part of esport – no matter if you are a player or audience.

– Our slogan is ‘internet as it should be’ because there is nothing that beats fibre-optic broadband when it comes to speed. That is why it is preferred by gamers all over the country, so the connection to esport is natural for us. With this connection, we now get the chance to tell the good story of fibre-optic broadband together with our expertise, says Jørgen Steensgaard.

AGF Esport are represented in both CS:GO and FIFA. The latter will play their first match of the new eSuperliga on Monday night against Randers FC.

The match will be broadcasted by Canal 9 and is set to start 19:30.