Victory in EMASTERS Super Cup

The CS:GO team made a perfect performance when they won the the EMASTERS Super Cup on sunday.

Coach Rasmus ’FaagaN’ was of course very pleased after winning the title, where the team competed with a lot of international teams.

– This is a small tournament with some very skillfull teams. There were 16 teams participating and we won all our games. I’m happy with the result and the team performance. We were very calm and kept the good mood despite losing some rounds. That’s one of our key-focuses now – to keep calm and stay focused despite having a bad round. And we showed that we can do that in this tournament, the coach says.

In the C4 League we are top of the table and at Monday we played two games. One victory against AaB and a loss against Vantage.

– AaB was an easy win, but we lost against Vantage. We played the same map against Vantage as we played versus Aab, and I think they saw how we played, and we didn’t manage to change our tactics against Vantage. Now we just want to finish first in the league and win the tournament. We play the last two matches on Monday, FaagaN tells.

An important week awaits when we play Atlando and Eestern Wizards in the last two games in the C4 League.