Victory at Copenhagen Games

The CS:GO team performed better than ever at the Copenhagen Games and claimed the victory in the B-tournament last week after beating a lot of top-level teams.

Coach FaagaN and his boys were extremely satisfied on Saturday night, as they claimed the overall victory at Copenhagen Games. Their objective was to qualify for the quarter final, but they ended up winning, and the team has never been better according to FaagaN:

– Finally we got this big victory. We’ve used so many hours on this project, so it’s amazing to get a big result at a higher level. It’s so needed for the team and very good for the boys to see, that they’re among the best, the coach says.

The team played many battles before claming the title, but they were sharp from the start to the very end.

FaagaN explains how the fixtures took form:

– Our goal was to advance from the group game. Mockit League were one of the teams from the seeding, but we knew we had a chance against them, and we beat them 2-1 and became number one in the group. After that our spot in the B-tournament was secured, so we could play without pressure and take one match at a time, FaagaN tells.

After the group games we beat GoldenGitte and then the topseeded ex-Fragsters waited. Unfortunately they beat us 2-1 and went on to qualify for the Main Tournament as they finished in top four, so this was an acceptable defeat.

– After that we went to the B-tournament where we beat Squared, ImmuNe and Fastlose. On Saturday we went on to beat Apeks who is in the top three in Norway and SJ Gaming who is among the best teams in Finland. I think individually this was the best performance ever seen from our team, FaagaN says.

In the final we met StepXHydr, and won 2-0. This was celebrated with a couple of beers and a lot of cheering.

– We’re so happy that we made it. Everything clicked. All agreements were held and the communication was spot on, the coach says.

Next challenge for the CS:GO team is Dust2Lan at Hillerød next month. It’s held on the 10.-12.of may and most of the sub-top Danish teams will participate.

– At that tournament our task is to show, that this result wasn’t a coincidence. We need to prove, that we belong among the top 10-teams in Denmark, FaggaN says.

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