TMB: Powerligaen is better than ever

We’ve gone 3-1 in Powerligaen until now and stands second in the league which is “stronger than ever” according to FaagaN and TMB.

We’ve come off to a good start in this season of Powerligaen. First week we beat Vantage 16-3 and ImmuNe 16-10 and this Monday we lost versus STEP who’s one of the top teams in the league, but our guys kept their heads up, and claimed a great 28-26-victory in overtime against GoldenGitte.

– We’ve got a perfect start in Powerligaen. Two important victories in the first week, and by claiming one more victory against GoldenGitte everything looks bright. We’re among the top teams now, and are closing in on a playoff spot. This week’s matches were also the battle for top 10 in Denmark, as both STEP and GoldenGitte are our competitors in the ranking, coach FaagaN says.

Thomas ‘TMB’ Bundsbæk is our entry and he explains how the matches went:

– Against STEP we had a fine start. We were 7-8 at half, but after that we lost a stupid 3 vs 2 at 12-12 and we didn’t find our rhythm after that. GoldenGitte was a real thriller. We made too many mistakes when we outnumbered them, but we kept going despite being behind 15-11 and at last we claimed the victory, he says.

At AGF Esport we work a lot with development, teamwork and communication, and this week the team benefited from that:

– We were not afraid to take the duels which made it much easier to make entrys. But we still need to work with communication and we need to get more profit from the situations where we’ve outnumbered the opponent, TMB explains.

He hopes the team will qualify for the playoffs after this great start in Powerligaen. Next week Ignite awaits and we need to keep our performances on spot if we’re to claim another victory in this one:

I’d say we’re favorites against Ignite, but everything can happen in this league, as the teams are better than ever. This could be a dangerous battle as they’ve just parted their ways with a player, and they can play without pressure. We need to be there from the very first second and deny them every opportunity to get free kills, TMB says.

Ignite has gone 2-1 so far and are placed 6th in the league. We stand second after four games.

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