TMB: I wanna make CS:GO my way of living

Thomas Bundsbæk is one of our young sharp Counter Strike players, and he hopes to develop into one of the best CS:GO-players in Denmark.  

The 16-year-old player has been part of the team since the beginning of 2018 and his willingness to learn has been appreciated many times by the coach Rasmus FaagaN Thomsen.

The Skjern-based gamer thrives in chaos and his role on the team is playing as entry:

– Normally I’m the first one at a site. Right now we work a lot on the team to get better reactions and communication and it’s very important in my role too, so that’s why I like it at AGF Esport. We always strive to be better and to exploide our own weaknesses, so we can develop and get better, TMB explains.

The gamertag origins from his full name, Thomas Bundsbæk, but it wasn’t himself who made it up:

– I started at a team for fun, and one of my friends said I needed a nice gamertag. He took my initials and made some magic – then TMB was born, he says.

Now he is gaming many hours a week to develop his game and Thomas says that he has always been talented:

– I watched a pro game and after that I brought the game. Very quick I felt that I were better than my friends and then I just kept training. Then I went to boarding school and AGF needed some young players at their new setup, and then I signed for them, he tells.

This year the team has qualified for ESEA Advanced but TMB wants to achieve even more this spring:

– It was very nice to get the spot in Advanced, but now we focuse on the top 10 in Denmark. We’ve been a part of it before but right now we are just outside. We want to get back into top 10 and stay there, TMB explains.

With many tournaments going on and a normal life beside the gaming, Thomas has a lot to do at this time, but when asked about his future and what he is dreaming of, the answer comes quick:

– I want to make CS:GO my way of living and get as many great experiences from gaming as possible!

Next up for TMB and co. is Copenhagen Games which awaits on Wednesday.

You can read about TMB’s in-game settings and gear at his player profile right here >>>