The CS:GO team shows promising potential

The CS:GO team finished second in the C4 league after a number of great results and performances.

Since AGF eSport started in January the team has delivered several promising results. The team’s coach, Rasmus ‘FaagaN’ Thomsen, sees a lot of potential in the talented crew.

– Generally, we are happy with our season in the C4 league but disappointed at the same time because we couldn’t go all the way and win it. We finish second and actually beat the other top teams, but unfortunately, we had some off-days during the season, which means we lost against some lower-ranked teams, he explains.

The team consisting of ‘Kristou’, ‘Zeq’, ‘TMB’, ‘Blaq’ and ‘CeyL’ has great ambitions and they are constantly working to improve the details in their game.

– If we are to win the C4 league, we must minimize these off-days and make sure to raise our bottom level. We are working hard and we are constantly improving. We have a slightly different approach to the training in AGF eSport and constantly trying to work with new things and details. Our strengths are especially our mentality in which we have repeatedly shown that we can rise from defeat and reach the top. I believe we can win the C4 League next season, ‘FaagaN’ says.

The team has undergone a fine development and has also participated in tournaments with a high international level.

– Our biggest achievement is probably our victories at a tournament in Sønderborg just after the team was established. We delivered many great results against teams of international class, and showed that we are good enough to play at an international level, says the coach, who is now looking forward to work more on the team’s performances and reaching new goals.

The next fixtures coming up is BredebroLAN at November 9. – 11. while they are also looking forward to the new C4 League-season which starts off the 19. of November.