The CS:GO team qualifies for GGW #24 Pro

Another stunning performance against Atlando means that we are now qualified for the big tournament in Gigantium.

Blaq, Zeq and the other Counter Strikers proved that we have developed a lot this season when they beat Atlando 2-0 in the semifinals of the qualification.

Coach Rasmus ‘FaagaN’ Møller is very satisfied with the result.

– It was a perfect end to a fine season. Now we can rest a little on a much-needed Christmas break, and then we are going to the finals at Gigantium in Aalborg in January.

We have just won the C4 League, but the coach says this is one of the most important achievements in the history of the team.

– This result means that we are going to a tournament where only eight teams compete for 145.000 kroner, so it’s quite an accomplishment, Rasmus says.

Four of the teams has qualified like we did, while the rest has been invited. The invited teams are pros and ‘FaagaN’ therefore expects gaming at the highest level at the GGW #24.

-The goal is to qualify for the playoffs. Then everything can happen. We still do not know the opponents, but we hope for a good tournament. And no matter what, we are going to perform on a big stage, so it will be very exciting, he tells.

The tournament will take place on the 25th-27. of January. You can read more about the tournament here >>>