The CS:GO team is now the 73th best team in the world!

At Copenhagen Games we won the B-tournament, and the CS:GO team got their payoff, as the new PowerRanking and HVLT-ranking has been updated. We are now among the 73 best teams in the world!

The recent results have shown, that our team is in better shape than ever, and within the last months we’ve qualified for ESEA Advanced and won the Copenhagen Games. The updated rankings show that we’ve done very well, and the team has never been better.

Just after the tournament we were 59th. on the HVLT-ranking but now we stand 73 on the ranking which is updated every week.

On the Danish PowerRanking we’ve moved up to 8th place. The list is topped by the world’s best team – Astralis – so that’s what we’re up against, but coach ‘FaagaN’ is very proud of the teams’ performance:

– It’s a big performance from the team, and we are so happy that we’re now in the top 10 in Denmark. It has been a goal for a long time, and we’ve been just outside the top 10 for some time now, so it’s very liberating that we’ve finally done it, he says.

Watch the PowerRanking here >>>

The HVLT world ranking of CS:GO-teams ranks the best teams in the competitive field of CS:GO. It’s updated every week, and teams move up and down the list based on their recent performances in competitive matches over the last 2 months. Astralis is the best team followed by Team Liquid and Natus Vincere, but from our perspective we have to look a bit longer down the list. On the 59th. Spot our name was shown just after Copenhagen Games but now we’re 73th on the list. 59th is the best place ever in the history of the team. An incredible achievement from FaagaN and his team.

Watch the HVLT-ranking here >>>

– We’re very happy about both lists, but now we have to show that it’s not a coincidence that we’re up here, and we want to keep our spot. The new lists can be used to get more invitations to tournaments and more people know our name after this update, FaagaN says.

Next up is Dust2 Lan this weekend where most of the Danish sub-top teams participate. You can follow our games on Twitch >>>