Tamer Taser qualifies for international tournament

Our FIFA player reached the top level on Sunday evening, when he and Marcuzo qualified for the LQE qualification in May.

Sunday evening, two Danish FIFA players managed to secure a spot in May’s LQE qualifications.

Tamer Taser and Marcus ‘Marcuzo’ Jørgensen managed to play all the way to the crucial top 8 position as required to get a ticket for the upcoming event.

A total of 592 European PS4 players participated in the tournament, and other danish top players like Mikkel ‘LordHjorth’ Bach, Mohamad Al-Bacha, August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier and Fatih Üstun reached the playoffs, but didn’t make it all the way to the top 8.

Of course Tamer was a proud player after that performance:

– It’s a huge accomplishment! It gives a boost to my game and some momentum too. Now I know I can beat any player if I hit my top level as I did at the weekend, he says.

Taser qualified for the knockout stage with a score of 8-2. Here he beat Maestrosquad, and in the final he met Lukas from VfB Stuttgart’s eSport team. In the final he won a convincing 3-0 and 4-1 victory.

LQE will be his first international performance and therefore it will be exciting to see what he can accomplish on the big stage. Taser finished last season by winning the Elgiganten Grand Slam, and now he is looking forward to raising his level further:

– I look forward to the huge experience it  will certainly be. The people, the environment and just playing in another country! In terms of gaming, I hope to raise my level even more so I can perform at the highest level in Atlanta!

Let’s hope that Tamer, who is loaned from Wicked Gaming, can keep going until the big tournament in May. Untill that, you can experience him in the eSuperliga, which is played every Tuesday and Wednesday.


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