Taser and Korreborg evaluates eSuperligaen

It wasn’t our season as we finished 14th in the league, but Korreborg and Tamer promises that the team has learnt a lot and they are ready to perform from the very beginning of the next season. Now they look forward to Copenhagen Games which takes place this week.

It’s no secret that we’d hoped for more in this year’s eSuperliga, but the team was unlucky in several occasions when we played some fine FIFA during the tournament. Tamer Taser and Lars Korreborg have had some time to evaluate the season and now they look forward to the next challenge which will be the Copenhagen Games at Lokomotivværkstedet this week.

– Overall I think this season has been very strange. We’ve played some very intense and tight matches, but the results didn’t show that. We’ve not got what we deserved and I think we were unlucky many times. Now I just hope to perform at Copenhagen Games and at the international tournament in Atlanta, that I qualified for, Tamer explains. He will represent Wicked Gaming in these tournaments, because he only signed for AGF Esport in relation to eSuperligaen, but negotiations are ongoing for the next season.

The coach, Lars ‘PrimeTurbo’ Korreborg also thinks the team deserved more:

– I feel we could’ve done much better when it comes to results. I know exactly what went wrong and I now how to avoid this in the future, so we just have to work with the weaknesses and then we’ll become a top eight-team again, Korreborg explains.

The team got 10 points this season and our young players got a lot of experience by playing against some of the worlds best FIFA-players:

– We now know, that the players rise their level, when they play in eSuperligaen compared to when they play at home. Every match is difficult and we had no luck in our games, but we know that we can challenge the best players in Denmark, and that’s an important thing, Korreborg says.

Tamer Taser made some amazing goals and played a lot of good FIFA after joining our team before this season. Now he looks forward to more challenges in the white shirt:

– I’ve developed my game by analyzing the game and try to check my opponents before matches. I haven’t done that before so I’ve got a more professional approach after joining AGF Esport. Now we go to CPH Games and after that I’m off to Atlanta and then a new season awaits. I just want to keep getting better and train a lot, Tamer tells.

The goal for next season in eSuperligaen will be the same as this one, as Korreborg hopes to get rid of the bad things from this season:

– We need to keep our team together and work harder, and then we want to go to the Finals next season. I also want to perform better on and off the pitch, as I have disappointed my self and my team this year. We’ve got Mikkel Thomsen as an analytics and he will help us get better teams and support me in coaching, so I think we’ve got a bright future at AGF Esport, PrimeTurbo says.

This week the FIFA team plays at Copenhagen Games.

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