Q&A: Andreas Elversøe – the in-game leader

The CS:GO team has done well this season. They are among the top teams in Powerligaen and ESEA Advanced is secured next season. In this interview our In-game leader tells a about his own career and provide a status of the season so far.

24-year-old Andreas Elversøe is in command when it comes to tactics when the battles unfolds in CS:GO. The road to a leading role has been long, and today Elversøe hopes that he can become among the absolute best leaders in the CS:GO world.

How did you start playing CS:GO and when did you find out that you had a special talent?

Personally, I’ve always spent a lot of time in front of the computer. My first gamer experience was Battlefield 1942 with my dad. I’ve played Counter-Strike since I were 8 or 9 years old when I encountered the game through Half-life, the gamer tells.

But, I have grown up in a time and in a city where the social life and football have always been a big part of everyday life and therefore I didn’t game too much as a kid, as there was a pressure from my family to go to school and perform. Of course this is a good thing as I ended up graduating from Aalborg University in the summer of 2018, which I am happy for today, Elversøe explains.

I got into the CS:GO world because of a very serious injury I incurred in a football game back in April 2015. I were hospitalized and were very close to lose my left leg. Luckily, that wasn’t the case, but today I have a leg that I know will not work forever.

When I were at the hospital and only had myself and my own thoughts, I decided that I would only spend the time on stuff that I’m passionate about. I therefore chose to drop my engineer study at the university, started on another bachelor’s degree and went all-in to work with CS:GO.

At an early age I have naturally put myself in leadership roles. And through education I have also discovered that I can actually be an effective leader. I always try to bring that talent to my CS: GO-game.

– What is your role on our CS: GO team?

I’m in-game leader at the CS:GO crew. It’s my primary job to make the strategic decisions, make bigger game decisions during our battles and at the same time try to command the team along the way.

– How did the opportunity come to sign for AGF Esport?

I’ve followed AGF’s project since the start-up, especially because I previously had TMB on one of my line-ups. I’ve always been a big fan of his talent and style of play and when our roads had to be separated some years ago, I told him that we would end up in a team together. I were contacted by Faagan, the coach of AGF Esport, where he explained that they needed a new in-game leader. After a long talk and a meeting with AGF’s management, we thought it was a good match, and I still believe that today.

– What is the story behind your gamertag, blaq?

The story behind the name dates back to when I were younger and played football in my home town. Due to my background – My father has English/Ethiopian parents and my mother is Danish, I had big black hair and became very brown in the summer. Therefore I were called “blackie” only with good intentions in my circle of friends, and I adopted the name and changed the spelling a bit to avoid negative signals.

– How close are the teams to meet this season’s goals?

The last week’s been very good and some of our goals have been met. We were able to qualify for the ESEA EU Advanced Division, and I think we’re moving fast in the right direction. We are performing at a higher level and are very close to be a stable top 10 profile in Denmark. We strive to compete outside Denmark too and I think we’re getting there.

– Do you have any special focus points at AGF Esport?  

In AGF, we’ve a particular focus on being effective and selective in our work approach. The reason why we do this is to be able to deliver the best performance every time. We therefore prioritize streamlining our training and profiles on the team.

– What do you hope to achieve in the gamer world?  

I dream of putting my mark on the sport in a way that makes my name being recognized when talking about leaders from the CS:GO scene. So it’s really about gaining recognition from my teammates, as the leader I strive to be.

You can follow Elversøe and the CS:GO-team on Twitch >>>