’Primeturbo’ – “There is still room for improvement”

Coach and player Lars ‘Primeturbo’ Korreborg was very happy with the performances of the first two rounds. But the coach still sees room for improvement.  

AGF Esport got off to a very promising start of the eSuperliga. The first two rounds resulted in 6 points, as both Randers FC and AaB were defeated. The first match against Randers FC was played with high intensity, and the match was highlighted for a specific incident in the second game.

– I saw the incidents as not okay for either side. No one was better than the other, but we have talked about it, and apologized, and in AGF ESport we secure it won’t happen again. Luckily, we learn from mistakes, and that is the most important, says ‘Primeturbo’.

The coach had nothing but praise for the young Niklas who turned the match around with his 4-2 victory in the second game.

– I honestly wasn’t surprised by his performance. He’s young, but in FIFA and eSport that isn’t important. He has a great team to back his performance up. Both Fatih and Niklas were the better players last week, and I trusted them fully to do the job, and I was happy about their performances, comes it from the coach.

The second game against AaB was won with more convincing figures. Fatih Üstun sealed the victory with his 5-2 win in the second game. A win ‘Primeturbo’ expected.

– I expected a win, as AaB was a tough opponent, who should fight for a top 8 spot and a spot in the play-off as we do, so I knew it would be close. We started slowly in both games, and should’ve been better, but in the second half in both games we played better, and the boys showed good mental level.

Even though the coach was happy about the results he still demands more from his players, in the upcoming rounds.

– We still need to be more creative, dominant and especially improve our mentality. It was acceptable but could be much better. That’s the reason we started the games badly, and we must be better.

– I look forward to next rounds. We are well prepared. I have analyzed the players, so we are going to have a good chance, but there are still some games to be played, and some goals to score. One thing is theory, other is what happens on the pitch, but I’m hopeful that we will do well, says Lars ‘Primeturbo’ Korreborg.

The third and fourth round of the eSuperliga will be played on Monday and Tuesday night. AGF Esport is facing FC Helsingør on Monday night and FCK on Tuesday night. Both games will be televised on Canal 9.