Preview: Tough matches incoming

We’re up against the former world champion August ’Agge’ Rosenmeier and the eSuperliga-topscorer Marcuzo in this week’s eSuperliga when FCK is our first opponent. Afterwards AC Horsens awaits on Wednesday. After four rounds we’ve got one point and stand 14th. in the league, but we’ve played some good games, so the players still believe that we’ll get the spot in the Finals.

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FC København – AGF, A-stream at Dplay at 7:30 PM on Tuesday.

FC København is once again among the favorites to win the eSuperliga, but last year’s defeat in the semis against Vejle showed that they’re not unbeatable. They lost against Lyngby BK in the first round this season, but have been convincing since, and won three matches, which means they stand third in the league.

The team is the same as last season. Former world champion August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier partner up with Marcus ‘Marcuzo’ Jørgensen, while Mads ‘MadsR’ Rasmussen cover the last teamspot.

Krøll, Korreborg, Taser and Rom have to play up to their best game to win. Last season we played a close match against them but lost 4-3. Today the odds are against us, but all our games have been very close until now, so let’s hope our guys can take the lions down.

AGF – AC Horsens, B-stream at Dplay at 7:30 PM on Wednesday.

AC Horsens is another danish football team which has gone all in on eSport.

They have established teams in FIFA, League of Legends and Counter Strike which include a total of 20 players overall.

In terms of FIFA the team are represented by Jenner, Legind and Ralle. Last season the team finished just outside the top eight and missed the finals in Forum, but this year they aim for a spot in the playoffs.

Jenner stands fifth on the top scorer list this season after scoring nine times, while Tamer Taser is our top scorer with six goals.

According to the bookmakers we’re favorites, but this is going to be a tight match. Our players must be focused as we need three points to keep up with our opponents in the close race for top eight.

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