Preview: eSuperligaen round 11 and 12

It was a bit of a downer last week as we lost against Esbjerg and Silkeborg. Now our chances for top eight seems very difficult as we got 11 point up and only five rounds remaining. We have to refocus and play to show that we are here to improve and develop our game. That’s what our talents wants to show for sure, and they’ll try to get as many points as possible from now on.

This week we’ll have a reunion with our former player, Fatih Üstun, when we face FC Helsingør on Tuesday and on Wednesday AaB awaits.

According to bookmakers we are underdogs in both games, so let’s hope we can make some surprises here.

AGF – FC Helsingør, A-stream at Dplay and Canal 9, 7:30 PM on Tuesday

The blue-shirted FIFA team came off badly in Season 1 of the eSuperliga and after a few matches they proclaimed that they participated just to get experience and they finished at the bottom of the league.

This season everything has changed.

They are represented by two repeaters from the autumn –  the playing coach, Wali Kazmi, and Nicklas Øland, but in addition, the team has strengthened the squad with three players.

Fatih Üstun, who was the top scorer for us last season, who made impressive 3.67 goals per game in Season 1 is now a part of FC Helsingør, and in addition, the brothers Oliver Mikkelsen and Emil Mikkelsen represent the squad. They stand second in the league and have only lost versus FCK so far this season.

On the other hand, our players have been very unlucky this season. A lot of tight games haven’t gone our way, and last week we lost both games versus EfB and SIF. Top eight looks like an almost impossible task now, so the team will focus on our own development and keep improving. Our mission at AGF Esport is to develop the next big FIFA-stars and all our players shows fine improvements, so now we have to keep our heads high.

Let’s hope we can tease the favorites and our former player here.

AGF – AaB, A-stream at Dplay and Canal 9, 7:30 PM on Wednesday

AaB is another Superligateam that focuses on eSport.

AaB esport originates from Aalborg esport, which was founded in January 2016. In March 2017, Aalborg esport entered the AaB of 1885 and thus became AaB esport.

AaB esport is the largest esports association in North Jutland and the association got their own HR department, PR department, event and project managers, game coaches, game managers and game departments in both CS: GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, FIFA and others.

In the eSuperliga, the team consists of Shoppen, Kragelund, Hansi and Agassi. They are one of the teams battling for top eight, and they stand 9th. in the league after 11 games.

They have won five matches, but have also been defeated by Horsens, Vejle, Helsingør, Sønderjyske, Esbjerg and Randers.

Our boys will definitely do everything for a win here, so we can show, that we’re better than the table shows. Our players have shown great potential throughout the season, and the goal difference shows that. In the bottom half of the table it’s only AaB who has a better goal difference than us and the players will do everything to change that on Wednesday.

Let’s go for it!

You can follow all our matches on Dplay.