Preview: Copenhagen Games

Copenhagen Games is one of the main events for our CS:GO-team this season. The tournament takes place from Wednesday to Saturday and our team is ready to tease the professional top teams.

Copenhagen Games was started in 2010 and is now Denmarks flagship esports event. Copenhagen Games has remained the largest eSport event on Danish soil and it’s going to be a big experience for our players:

– Many professional and foreign teams participate in Copenhagen Games and our players are excited to play them. The tournament is a good opportunity to show what we can do, and many players use it as a window for scouts and other teams as many people are watching, Rasmus ‘FaagaN’ Thomsen explains.

64 teams participate in groups of four, and the best two teams from each group advance to knockout stage. It’s quite a big event and FaagaN hopes that AGF Esport can tease the favorites in Copenhagen:

– We’ve prepared for this event for some time now, and we hope to make a surprise or two. It’s a very good opportunity to test ourselves against some better opponents, and we just have to show that we can compete at this level too, our coach explains.

The team consists of the usual suspects as zeq, CeyL, blaq, TMB and kristou will shoot their way through the opponents defence and the goal is clear for the team:

– What we really want is to make a surprise against one of the top teams. It could give us a boost of confidence and it would show that we are going in the right direction. The main goal is to advance from the group game and after that we have to see what happens. Everything is possible, FaagaN says.

You can read much more about the event and buy your ticket here >>>