Powerligaen: Group games in the final stage

We play four very important games in Powerligaen this week, as our spot in the playoffs is to be secured.

We’re up against Ignite, Maknitude, Copenhagen Flames and Ambush in this week’s Powerliga-fixture, and FaagaN thinks we’ve fine opportunities to claim several victories:

– It’s in our own hands to decide our destiny in Powerligaen. I think we at least got a 50-50 chance in all games this week, he says.

We play three games on Monday and one game on Tuesday, and the coach are very optimistic:

– Maknitude has just changed their team, and Ambush is also working on a new lineup, so we’ve good opportunities here. Then Copenhagen Flames awaits. They’ve done very well in recent times, and this will be the most difficult task. But it’s all about hitting the top level on the day, and small things as a good map veto can be decisive, he says.

Our new players, HECTOz and Fr0slev joined the team last week, and got their debut on the team in last round in Powerligaen, where we claimed the victory versus Atlando. They have to settle fast, as there is not much time to practice together as a team at the moment:

–  We’re about to finish Powerligaen and ESEA Advanced, while we participate in Winners League too, so we haven’t got the time to practice a lot. Instead we talk a lot before the games, and build our team performance on basic principles and good communication, FaagaN tells.

We stand fourth in Powerligaen right now, and the coach hopes the team will take some important points this week, so we’ll close in on a playoff spot:

– The table looks quite fine. There have been some surprises through the tournament resultwise, and it means that the group is pretty open right now. If we get three to six points on Monday everything looks bright, but I don’t dare to say it’s a secure spot yet, FaagaN explains.

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