Powerliga preview: Three crucial battles await

Tonight the CS:GO-team must try to defend their spot in Powerligaen when three important games await.

CeyL, zeq, blaq, TMB and kristou have done well so far in Powerligaen. At round one we beat Hobro Vikings and sast week Atlando were smashed by our fast-shooting boys. Tonight we need to perform again as GoldenGitte, Ambrush and HDE.Hyde await.

– Atlando is one of the teams we should take points against if we’re to join the playoffs in Powerligaen, so it was nice to get the victory last week. Two wins in two weeks are very good of course, and especially the victory against Atlando is important. Tonight, three important Powerliga games await, and my expectations are that we’ll win two of them, and then we’ll see if we can tease GoldenGitte, who are favorites to win the league, coach Rasmus “FaagaN” Thomsen says.

GoldenGitte is a Copenhagen-based team. They’re represented by Thomas Dyrensborg, Martin Wessel, Sebastian Larsen, Andreas Kirstein and Rene Madsen. They’re placed 8th. At the Powerranking which of is of course lead by Astralis. Therefore FaagaN think it’s Ambrush and HDE.Hype who are the ones to beat this Monday and then GoldenGitte will become a battle where everything can happen.

– We are to meet Ambrush who is a bit in crisis right now, as they’ve some issues about their line-up, and then we’ll meet HDE.Hype, where we would like to be the better side, which we’ve previously shown when we’ve played them, he explains.

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Our team is performing well at the moment, and last week we managed to qualify for the ESEA Advanced. FaagaN hopes they can use the good mood to perform better:

– There is good harmony in our squad, and we’ll just go on and try to win as many battles as possible, he says.

First game tonight is played at 8 PM versus GoldenGitte.

The matches can be followed on Twtich >>>