No walkovers in ESEA Advanced

The 31th. season of ESEA is on the go, and for the first time AGF Esport has qualified for Advanced. The level arises and there will be no walkovers, according to Filip ’zeq’ Pedersen and Rasmus ‘FaagaN’ Thomsen.

ESEA counts many divisions, and many teams will compete for the prize pool. Most teams focuses more on promotions than the prizes though. If you reach the top you can compete in MDL or ESL Pro League. This season we’re in Advanced for the very first time in the history of the team, and coach FaagaN feels the difference from playing in ESEA Main:

– We’re 2-3 in ESEA Advanced. This week we lost against Bpro and Nemiga – two international top teams. It shows that there will be no easy battles, and we have to focus on our own game and the development. We need to fight for every point, and then we have to see how far we can go, the coach explains.

We lost 16-12 versus Bpro while Nemiga won 16-8. In every division the best teams qualify for the playoffs after the group games. We stand 38 after five games, while the best 32 teams qualify for the playoffs, so every match will count this season.

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According to Filip ‘zeq’ Pedersen we must deliver top performances in every game if we’re going to take a top spot in the league:

– It’s been an okay start, but we’d hoped to win at least one of our matches this week. Before that our only loss was a tight one against SuperJymy. We’ve beaten them before, but all the teams have a high level in Advanced, so no points are given before the battle, he explains.

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Our talented player was disappointed after losing this week, as he’d expected more:

– It’s to teams that we’ve beaten before and we’ve practiced with them, so we knew them, but they got the better of us this time. Now we just have to give everything in the next battles, and show how we can play. Let’s go for the playoff-spot and get some remarkable victories, he says.

Our next battles are against Boys In Blue and buAksib.

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