Niklas “Niller” 


Niklas “N1ller” Jakobsen

Niklas Jakobsen

Nickname: “Niller”

Age: 16

City: Ballerup

Why I play FIFA:  I’ve played FIFA since the 2006 game. It all started with, like everyone else I guess, that I was very interested in football, and then I got the FIFA 06 game as a christmas present.


My favorite player: My favorite player is Ronaldo. He’s just the ultimate player. He’s the complete striker. For me, he’s the best player in the world. My favorite player in FIFA is R9. You can turn both left and right with him, and he will score. His pace and finishing are phenomenal. He will score in anything.


My favorite team: Sorry, but I don’t have a favorite team. Neither in real life or in FIFA.


Favorite formation in FIFA: 4-1-2-1-2 is the ‘go to’ formation for me. You can so easily produce fast combinations through the middle to out play your opponent.