Mikkel Thomsen signs for AGF Esport

Mikkel joins the FIFA-team as analyst. He is expert in trading and analyzing the FUT-market and will share his knowledge with the team and help the players in analyzing gameplays.

Our new signing joins the team immediately and he’s very happy to sign the contract:

– I’m very satisfied by signing with AGF Esport. I want to form the future eSports players, both to improve them as athletes but also as human beings. The dream is undoubtedly to be able to dedicate all my time to an eSport-related job, and I think AGF Esport is a realistic opportunity to do that in the future. I’ve always said that “Gaming is more than just a computer game”, and I actually tried to show that when I formed a charity tournament, which has collected more than 30,000 kroner for the Danish Cancer Society. I feel that AGF Esport try to do the same and therefore it was a easy decision to sign for AGF, despite the interests of other clubs and companies, Thomsen says.

The FIFA team has not had the best season so far in the eSuperliga, but with the help of our new analyst, coach Lars Korreborg hopes to get better opportunities in the future:

– Mikkel is going to analyze the FUT market, so we can make the most of our team. He will also be supporting me with analysis of gameplays, which will give me more freedom to work with the players. Mikkel will also offer his skills in other areas where we will can use him, so overall it will help the team for more profits, better trading and much more. He is also a great person who will contribute to the social life on the team, Korreborg explains.

The 29-year-old FIFA analyst looks forward to contribute with his knowledge:

– My primary qualities are “outside” the pitch, so I will be able to help the players perform better. Whether it is through tactical adjustments, improvements to their teams or how their money should be spent, I can contribute, he says.

The interest in FIFA started back in 1998, when he got his first Playstation and FIFA 98:

– I got all the games from FIFA 98 – 2019. The competitive part of the game, when you play you’re your friends has always been the prior reason why I played and I rarely played against the computer. If I did, it was with the purpose to be better so I could beat my friends. But I ‘ve had a great interest all my life in both football and gaming, so it was a very natural association of the two interests, he says.

Thomsen will start working in AGF immediately and will help Korreborg and co. in the eSuperliga this evening, when FC Helsingør is waiting.