Meet Kristou – The lurking killing machine

Kristoffer ”Kristou” Aamand is our all-round player and you don’t want to be in the receiving end, when he unfolds his talent at CS:GO. After Copenhagen Games he aims for more, and he wants to achieve big things with his team at AGF Esport.

The 16-year old CS:GO-player joined the team in the beginning of 2018 and has made big progress during his time at AGF Esport. Coach FaagaN praises his ability to open up rounds, which seems lost and his mechanical skill-ceiling which is extremely high, according to the coach.

His road to the team is pretty much the same as ‘TMB’s:

– We started a team together at our school called “HS PÅ LAGER” and was known as “The Young Gun Team” in the CS:GO-environment. We were just five young boys who had a decent aim. One day our eSport-coach came to me and told me, that a team had made a request if I wanted to join them, and I thought “Wow, that sounds amazing”. When I found out it was AGF the decision was easy, and I joined the team, Kristou says.

The gamertag is an important thing in the gamer-environment, as this is the name everyone will know, when you play the big games. The story behind ‘kristou’ isn’t as simple as it sounds:

– I played a lot with ‘device’ and his former girlfriend, ‘Snuul’, and at that time my tag was ‘C0Ls’. Then device and Snuul told me: “Kris, that name doesn’t work. How’s the English-speaking commentators going to pronounce that, when you become an international star?” And after some time they came up with ‘kristou’ which I’ve used ever since, he explains.

The Vejle-based player’s role on the team is currently AWP. As a sniper he takes the angles, that makes it easier for his teammates to operate. But he can do almost everything in the battle if the team needs him. His interest for the game started long time ago because of his brother’s interest for Counter Strike:

– My brothers loved gaming, and one of them played 1.6, and sometimes I were allowed to play against bots. Some years later I got my own computer and played a lot of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I got some friends who also liked to play, and they told me to try Counter Strike Source. We became some decent players, and when CS:GO was released I bought it. Actually I didn’t like it at the beginning and I started playing Call of Duty again, but one day some of my friends said they needed me to start a new team, and I got hooked, Aamand says.

The team has focused a lot on the communication at the team, to perform better, and last week Kristoffers carreer peaked, when we won the B-tournament at the Copenhagen Games but ‘kristou’ wants more from himself and his teammates:

– We’ve reached the goals of the season and are among the 10 best team in Denmark right now. We qualified for ESEA Advanced, won Powerligaen last season and then we reached the top at Copenhagen Games. Overall that’s very good, but we always aim for better performances, he tells.

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After the good results recently we’re going up the table, and next week will show how high we’ll go when the PowerRanking is coming out. But whether we’re 10 or 5th. Kristou’s ultimate dream is to be the best:

– My dream is to make AGF Esport the best team in the world, he says.

Next challenge for our CS:GO-team is Dust2Lan on the 10-12. of May.

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