Meet Filip ‘Zeq’ Pedersen: The independent hardhitter

The CS:GO team is a part of the sub-top of the Danish eSport scene, and the team consist of a group of young talented players who want to develop into a team that can compete at international level. This is an interview with 20-year-old Filip ‘Zeq’ Pedersen about how it feels to be part of the setup in AGF Esport.

AGF works with talent development within eSport, and 20-year-old Filip ‘Zeq’ Pedersen is an example of one of the players we hope to see much more on the big stage in Danish eSport in the future. In this interview he tells about how it feels to be a part of AGF’s setup, and what goals he has for himself and for the team.

He joined the club in August and has now established himself as a permanent part of the team, which also includes Kristoffer Aamand, Thomas Bundsbæk, Andreas Elversøe and Jeppe Christensen. He has experienced ups and downs in his first period at the club, but overall, ‘Zeq’ is very pleased with the team’s development:

– It has been absolutely fantastic to play at a team where stability and gaining experience has been our main focus. This means that we can develop even more as players and people. I think we’ve all learned a great deal about ourselves and what it takes to be part of a team where everyone’s needs must be fulfilled, Filip says.

The team practices 4-5 times a week beside the official matches, so many hours are spent playing with the team and getting the deals between players working. The roles on the team have gradually also been distributed, although the players are allowed to test themselves in different positions, Zeq says:

– My role on the team is actually just to shoot the opponent, because that’s what I’m best at. I’m often the one who works alone around the map to provide information for my team members. So my role is pretty free, and it helps to make me a more independent player, where I have to make decisions myself if we’re going to win, ‘Zeq’ explains.

The name ‘Zeq’ is a bit special, but Filip didn’t think much about it, when he chose his gamertag:

– I was 13-14 years old, and needed a new name, and then I just chose ‘zeq’ because it looked cool. And it should contain the letters ‘z’ and ‘q’ because everyone’s gamertags did that, at the time!, the 20-year-old player explains.

All sports stars have their rituals and special routines before competing, and the same goes for the eSport world, of course. ‘Zeq’ has his own way in which he always prepare for battle:

– Before a match I warm up for about 30-60 minutes with music in my ears. The length of the warm-up depends on how ready I am on the day. I also like to play a warm-up game before the official game, since I feel I get into the right mindset in that way. In addition, I just make sure to exercise and work out in real life so I’m ready to compete, ‘Zeq’ explains.

He and the team are looking forward to an exciting 2019, where the team try to maintain the position in the top 10 in Denmark:

– Our goal in 2019 is to stay in the top 10 in Denmark and play a lot of good CS in various tournaments and qualifications. The scene has never been stronger so every battle counts. Another goal for us will clearly be to hit ESEA Advanced, which we are already on our way to do because we’ve reached the playoffs, ‘Zeq’ says.


Zeq and co. are currently playing various qualifying tournaments and participating in ESEA Main. In addition, a new season of the C4 League awaits, where the team must defend the title.


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