Results Fifa 26th February 2019, 22:00

Away goals became crucial against OB


In our first match in the second season of the eSuperliga, we faced OB who last season finished 12th in the table.

The match started with several good opportunities for Tamer away against Hagelquist, and after 24 minutes we got a penalty which was converted to a goal.

The match were very even but after 56 minutes OB got a penalty. However, Tamer saved and scored afterwards in the other end of the pitch. Two important away goals, and a good start in the tournament.

The other duel against OB were Lucas Krøll versus KegleKongen.

We got a fine start when Krøll sent the ball into the net after just three minutes of play.

But then Keglekongen found his best game from the locker. He scored after 26 minutes and even got ahead 2-1 just before the break.

The second half was very equal but with five minutes remaining OB scored again, and 3-3 became the result.

However, due to the rule of away goals, OB could claim victory.


A hard fate for our boys, after a great effort.


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