AGF – AC Horsens


Results Fifa 13th March 2019, 19:30

The unluck keep persecuting us.

We made history against AC Horsens, as this became the first match in the eSuperliga with a default loss.

Tamer Taser began against Legind.

He got a off to a fantastic start and played very good FIFA. He got in front 0-2 after some very fine combinations and once again he showed, that he can compete with the best in the league when it comes to beautiful goals.

After 58 minutes Legind scored on a penalty and the match ended 2-1.

And now the real drama started.

Lars ‘PrimeTurbo’ Korreborg were up against Jenner.

But ‘PrimeTurbos’ car broke down in the middle of nowhere on the way to the game, and he couldn’t make it in time for the match. Everybody waited for some minutes, but at last the referee chose to call the match. We loses 0-6 and the accident means that we’re 14th in league after six rounds.

Watch the highlights below.