Lucas “Lucz” 


Lucas “Lucz” Krøll

Lucas Krøll

Age: 16

Town: Odense

Why I play FIFA: I’ve been playing FIFA since I was 7. It started with my dad who bought me an XBOX 360, and the only game I had at the time was FIFA.


My favorite player: For me Steven Gerrard is the greatest. He’s a born leader and he’s one of the main reasons that I became a Liverpool fan. I loved to watch him play for Liverpool.


My favorite FIFA player: Cristiano Ronaldo, like almost every other FIFA gamer, I would say he is my favorite player. He’s just the best player in the game, it is as simple as that. He shoots fantastic, runs fast, and is just very good overall.


My Favorite team: Liverpool. It started when my dad gave me a Liverpool shirt, when I was a few months old, so it kind of hold on to me since then.


My favorite FIFA team: Real Madrid, they have a great team. But I also like to play with Liverpool. It just adds a different feeling to the game to play with your favorite team.


My favorite formation: My favorite formation is 4-1-2-1-2. I like to have two strikers, and I like to dominate possession through the middle in FUT.