Lars “Primeturbo” 


Lars “PrimeTurbo” Korreborg

Lars Korreborg

Age: 23

Town: Roskilde

Why I play FIFA: I have loved football, since I’ve been able to walk. My first love was the FIFA 99 game. That game was amazing, and it really brings back some fantastic childhood memories.


My favorite player: David Beckham. Definitely! How can you not love that guy? He’s a huge inspiration for me. Beckham is the proof that you can get as far as you want through hard work and dedication. He’s a man with great ambitions and his heart is in the right place.


My favorite FIFA player: That’s a tough one, but I have to say David De Gea. He will save anything. You cannot get a better goalkeeper to hold the fort.


My favorite team: You can probably guess that my favorite team is Manchester United. My biggest dream is to be come a part of that club in some way. AGF is without a doubt my favorite team here in Denmark. They have some fantastic supporters and I’m really impressed by the passion that these AGF supporters possess.


My favorite FIFA team: Normally I would say Manchester United. They are good in every position and is really just a good all-around team. But with Ronaldo at Juventus, I could definitely be tempted to pick them in the future. The team that Juventus has collected cannot be ignored in terms of FIFA.


Favorite formation in FIFA: I would go with 4-2-3-1. It’s the most balanced formation in my opinion. If I’m in a doubt about how I have to handle the game, then I always go with this formation.     

– Bilka Tournament 2018