Important week in ESEA Advanced

This week will be decisive for our hopes to qualify for the Playoffs, as we’re going to battle four teams.

We’ve gone 3-3 in our first season in ESEA Advanced and are 38 in the standings while many teams have played more matches. Top 32 qualify for the Playoffs after 16 group games, so we just have to keep going and focus from now on.

This week four important battles awaits.

AGF Esport – K1ck Esports, Wednesday the 29. of May at 7 PM

K1ck Esport is a pioneer in Portugal and the second oldest active European organization, only surpassed by SK Gaming, founded in 1997. The team was founded in 1998, and supports teams in CS:GO, DotA2, LOL and many more.

They stand 58 in the league, and have only won two from eight games, so this is one of the teams we have to beat if we want to be a part of the better half.

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AGF Esport – EX against All authority, Wednesday the 29. of May at 9 PM

EX against All authority has won only two from six games, so this is one we need to win. They stand 51 in the league while we’re 38 after six games. But no games are easy in Advanced, and the French team will do everything to deny us the victory.

We must be well prepared for this one, as they’ve beaten HoP eSport who has done very well in the tournament so far by winning six and only lost two games, so EX against All authority is not an easy opponent despite their bad campaign so far.

Tricked Esport – AGF Esport, Thursday the 30. of May at 6 PM

Tricked Esport is a Danish esports organization and their team consists of many recently signed players. Johannes Borup is the only one signed in 2018, while Nicolai Petersen, Frederik Gyldstrand, Rasmus Beck and Lucas Andersen joined the team this year.

They’ve gone 4-3 so far and are favorites to qualify for the playoffs. It’ll be interesting to see if our experience and long term teamwork will be enough to beat the new setup at Tricked.

AGF Esport – Boys In Blue, Thursday the 30. of May at 9 PM

The last ESEA-game of the week is against Boys In Blue who has won two and lost three so far. The France-based team stands 49 in the league, and like us they’ve got everything to play for in this one to reach the Playoffs.

Zeq has pointed out that we’ve to focus in every single moment of the game, and this one will be no different as both teams got a high level.

We need to give everything here if we’re to compete for the top 32-spot in ESEA Advanced.

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