Great week in ESEA Advanced

The top team buAksib were our competitors in Monday’s ESEA-match, but CeYl, Zeq and the other AGF-stars battled their way through their defenses and claimed the victory.

buAksib had won five and lost one before facing us in a thrilling encounter, where our Aarhus-based team took advantage of the map-choice and showed that Nuke is one of our favorites.

– We had a fantastic run on Monday as we went 3-0 – two victories in Powerligaen and one in ESEA Advanced. Now the other teams must understand that they can’t beat us in Nuke, Rasmus ‘FaagaN’ Møller explains.

The team stands 35 in ESEA Advanced after six games, and the top 32 qualify for the Playoffs, but we’re going to play 16 games so there is still a long way to go. Therefore, every win is important, and as long as we play Nuke everything seems possible for the team.

– We made some adjustments after Hillerød Lan and the players did what they had to do this time. Nuke is a map where it’s important to stick to the plan, train and talk about different scenarios and know your role. This is something we work a lot with at AGF Esport, and that’s why this map suits us, the coach explains.

buAksib couldn’t handle our team, but they’re favorites to stay in the better half and qualify for the Playoffs, so it’s a nice victory to grab for the team:

– They’ve got a player who’ve been at the Major, so it’s a great performance from the guys to take this one and stay in the better part of the table, FaagaN says.

Next up is Ex against All authority and the coach thinks there will be fine opportunities for another win on Sunday:

– Our next four opponents seem quite affordable. All matches will be 50/50, besides Tricked Esport who are favorites. But they’ve also lost some games, so we’re not without opportunities, Rasmus says.

The Danish teams have done well so far in ESEA Advanced and the standings are topped by ImmuNe right now. The coach hopes to avoid the domestic teams in the draw, as they’ve a tendency of being better prepared:

– Until now many of the Danish teams have drawn each other, and that’s actually not an advantage. The domestic teams know each other’s tactics and therefore it’s difficult to surprise them. It’s often better to draw a foreign team who doesn’t know you. Then you can make the surprise, he says.

Three wins and three losses is the facit after six games. Now we’re moving on, and the coach hopes the team can keep performing as the Playoff spot is in sight:

– We’re off to a fine start, so we’ve got every chance of going into the Playoffs. But we still need more wins and there is a long way to go, so we have to keep fighting and focusing in every second of our games, he says.

Our next game is on Sunday against Ex against All authority. Read our preview for the game here >>>