Frederik Rom

Frederik Rom

Full name: Frederik Rom Søndergaard

Age: 16

From: Hjørring, Denmark

Why I play FIFA: I started playing FIFA in 2010 because of my interest in football which I’ve played all my life. I took a break from FIFA 15-16, but started playing again when FIFA 17 came out, and since then I’ve played competitively.


My favorite player: My favourite player is Messi, for sure. The way he plays is really entertaining, and he was also one of the reasons I became a Barcelona fan.


My favorite FIFA player: Neymar is my favourite player in FUT. He is incredibly fast with the ball, shoots good with both legs, and then of course his technique with his 5 star skills.


My Favorite team: My favourite team is FC Barcelona. I started rooting for them in 2009 and they have been my favourite team ever since.


My favorite FIFA team: My favourite FIFA team is Juventus, because of the balance on the team, and of course Ronaldo.


My favorite formation: My favourite formation in FUT is 4-2-2-2. It has a bit of everything, 2 strikers, 2 offensive and holding midfielders, so an all-round good balanced formation.

EG Tour top 8