Fr0slev is ready for the next chapter

Fr0slev and HECTOz joined us a few weeks ago, and has already proved themselves an important part of the team. In this interview we learn more about Fr0slev and his first time at the team.

Magnus ‘Fr0slev’ Frøslev is 22 years old and has already gained a lot of experience by playing for ex-fragster and unknown before joining us a few weeks ago. Now he is up for the new challenge and he wants to achieve big things in Aarhus:

– I chose to sign for AGF Esport as I’ve been a part of other teams without contracts, and I’ve learned that if you want to achieve big things you need a solid project and organization which I found here at AGF, he says.

The CS:GO-player has been very satisfied with his new teammates and looks forward to practice more as a team:

– I’ve received a warm welcome from everyone in the club. I knew some of the guys before and my impression was that they’re dedicated, ambitious and also some nice people you want to spend time along. The atmosphere is very good with the right mix of calmness, fun and hardcore gaming with a serious approach, Magnus tells.

His new teammate, Andreas Elversøe, is also very happy with the new signings, as he sees the two new players as a sign that the club wants to improve and keep pushing in the right direction:

– We’ve got two motivated guys on board whom have already proved themselves as experienced and skillful CS:GO-players, so it’s an upgrade to the team, and it’ll be exciting to see how far we can go with these new players on our side, Elversøe explains.

Fr0slev plays as an anchor on CT while he plays as a central player on t-side, where he helps the team to gain mapcontrol. His career started as a 10-year old when he played with his brothers in CS:Source, but when CS:GO was released it became a more serious thing and after a few years on different teams he peaked on Fragsters where he played from 2016 with a short stop on Unknown in 2018, until he joined us earlier this month. He has played with some of the best in-game leaders in the country, and is well-known for his ability to help his team to perform and his mature and intelligent way of playing.

Now he is ready for the next chapter, and just like HECTOz he has big ambitions:

– There is tough competition on the Danish eSport-scene, but within short time I hope we can be a part of top 7 in Denmark. In the long run I hope to hit top 30 on the HLTV-ranking and take the team as far as possible. Personally, my dream is to build something great with some engaged teammates and I feel that this team is the right place to do it, Fr0slev explains.

Fr0slev and the rest of the team will participate in the Playoffs in ESEA Advanced, and afterwards the holidays awaits. In the summer the team will have two bootcamps, where practice, communication and teamwork will be the main focus.