Fine start at ESEA Advanced

We’ve got off to a fine start at ESEA Advanced which we qualified for earlier this year. Two victories and a defeat after three games makes the playoffs a possibility according to the coach.

Last season we played in ESEA Main so we’ve got everything to win this time as we participate in ESEA Advanced. The team has performed very well so far, and the coach is satisfied after three games:

– We’re 2-1 in matches. We beat DarkTigers and FATE eSports, but lost against SJ Gaming. It’s a positive start and there are good vibes on the team right now, Rasmus Thomsen explains.

The team beat DarkTigers 16-11 and FATE eSports 16-12. SJ Gaming was a bit better on the day an beat us 16-12, but we’re among the teams that can qualify for the playoffs which would be a great achievement for the guys:

– It’s a good start after the promotion. Playoffs is the goal and it would be a very fine achievement from the team if we go there. It’s a realistic target, because I think we need 9 or 10 victories to go there and we already got two of them. That’s also why our good start is so important, FaagaN explains.

Andreas Elversøe is also happy at the moment as the team performs better than ever:

– It’s a great feeling to be a part of something bigger, and right now we just want to move on and keep pushing. We want to be innovative and built on the things we’ve started, our in-game leader explains.

Next up in ESEA Advanced is Nemiga which has gone 1-1 in matches. They stand 47th. at the HVLT-ranking.

This weekend you can watch the team in action at Dust2 Lan Hillerød. You can follow the team on Twitch >>>