FaagaN evaluates the CS:GO-season

Since august the team has developed a lot and this season has proven, that the CS:GO team can deliver under pressure. Now it’s time to evaluate for coach Rasmus ‘FaagaN’ Møller.

We ended this year by winning the C4 League and qualify for GGW #24 Pro which will be played in January. A success which came after a long season with some ups and downs underway.

– The team has developed a lot this season. There have been good days and bad days, but as a coach I am incredibly proud of the boys. They have kept the motivation and we have solved the problems that appeared along the way. We have grown as a team and as a group, the coach tells.

The team consists of Kristou, Zeq, TMB, blaq, CeyL and the playing coach FaagaN. In the beginning of the season they had some communication problems and sometimes they couldn’t keep their heads up, when they got behind. But now everything seems better, according to the coach.

– We have worked a lot with communication. To communicate is incredibly important at a team, and we have worked with the fact that you can’t just shut down because it’s not going your way. It’s not one bad result that defines us. What defines us is that we have each other’s back and stand together. It’s more important than what’s on the scoreboard. If we stand together the results will come. That’s what we have shown lately. We start to perform more stable and begin to be where it’s a little more fun. All our LAN tournaments have gone well from the start of the season. We’ve delivered better and better, ending up by winning the eMasters Super Cup, the C4 league and qualifying for the GGW competition so it’s starting to look great, ‘FaagaN’ explains.

Last season we didn’t perform as well, and according to the coach the expectations from the surroundings was low before the start of this season.

– We have moved incredibly much compared to the other teams. We have shown that hard work and unity can do a lot in this world. In comparison to the other teams we have two very young boys at the age of 16, and it also shows that we as a team are working with talent development, and I believe we can help develop the big stars of the future at AGF Esport, Rasmus tells.

After this great season and especially the fine ending, the team now have some weeks off before the next challenges awaits.

– Now we are looking forward to a nice Christmas holiday, and then we are looking forward to 2019 where we will try to regain the C4 League-title and at the same time perform even better in the international tournaments, the playing coach reveals.

The next big challenge for the team is the GGW #24 PRO tournament which is held the 25th-27th of January 2019.