FaagaN evaluates Dust2 Lan Hillerød

We didn’t hit our top level in Hillerød, but the team hopes to make up for it in the coming weeks. Here are a few taking points from the tournament held last weekend.

The quarter final was the end station for our battling boys last weekend, as GoldenGitte got the better of us. Rasmus ‘FaagaN’ hoped for more, but sometimes you just don’t hit the level needed for success:

– Our goal was a spot in the semis and after that everything could happen, but this time the five players didn’t perform at their normal level, the coach explains.

We beat GoldenGitte at the Copenhagen Games, but this time they won 2-0 and they deserved the victory according to FaagaN:

– They’re among the best teams in Denmark, and they deserved the victory. They played really well, while we didn’t get where we wanted. First map was a tight one, but they had the luck and in the second round they just got the better of us, he says.

Before that, we’d beaten Sørby Esport after qualifying from the group game.

– Sørby Esport always starts playing very fast and aggressive, but if you keep calm and stick to the plan, you can control them. We won 2-0 without any problems, FaagaN explains.

After the loss against GoldenGitte we finished 5-8th, and while we came for more, FaagaN thinks the tournament turned out to be very surprising with a lot of teams beating each other in random ways:

– The teams participating are incredible close to each other, and that’s why we saw some surprising results underway. Ambrush were seeded 1th. but lost in the 1/8 final, so everything can happen in these kind of tournaments where many sub-top teams participate, FaagaN tells.

Before the tournament FaagaN told that the team wanted to show, that we belong in the Danish top 10, but this performance didn’t do it for him:

– We showed glimpses of the good game we can play, but overall we have to step up in the coming weeks to show, that we belong up there, he says.

Powerligaen starts on Mondag while we also awaits information about Winners League, which we qualified for earlier this year.

– We want to be a top four team in Powerligaen to qualify for the Playoffs, but the tournament has never been stronger as many good teams participate, so it’s not going to be easy. I think we’ll see some surprising results this season, and we have to be focused all the time, he says.

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