eSuperliga preview: Taser and Krøll aim for victory

At Tuesday and Wednesday evening the eSuperliga rolls again. We start the tournament against OB and the reigning champions from Brøndby IF. Taser and Krøll look forward to the matches and an exciting season 2 of the eSuperliga.

We reached a spot in the semi-final in last season’s eSuperliga. The main goal this season is, first of all, to get into the Playoffs, which means that we must finish the group game in the top eight. It requires good results from the start, and our new player Tamer Taser hopes that the team will deliver from day one:

– I see fine opportunities for the team, but it will be challenging. The matches can go both ways. We have the level to compete with every team in the eSuperliga, but we have to see how the game develops. If we are ready from the start and we hit the top level, then everything can happen, he says.

It is a couple of strong teams we meet – OB with Keglekongen, ASChampen and Hagelquist and Brøndby with strong players like Fredberg, Dingo and Chrøis.

Tamer believes, however, with a little tactical skill, we can surprise both teams:

– Our strengths are clearly tactical, thanks to Lars, who is among the best coaches in Denmark. I do not know much about the OB players’ weaknesses, but one of Brøndby’s weaknesses is the new patch. I feel they have a hard time playing their own game, so we must try to exploit it, explains the FIFA player.

Lucas Krøll also sees opportunities to create positive results in both matches:

– I see fine opportunities to deliver some good results. But Brøndby is the reigning champions and OB also got some experienced players, so it will be some tough matches, but no matches are easy in the Esuperliga. I really do not think much about who we meet, but try to focus more on ourselves, Krøll says.

Both Tamer and Krøll represent AGF for the first time in the eSuperliga, and the players look forward to play in the white jerseys:

– I look forward to join the eSuperliga, experience the cool setting, and hopefully win a lot of matches. I also look forward to be together as a team, and hopefully deliver as expected, Krøll says.

The match against OB is played on Tuesday at 10 PM, while the match against Brøndby starts at 9 PM on Wednesday.


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