Defeat at but we’re moving on

The Finnish team Apokalypsa was too big a challenge for our CS:GO team this weekend, as we lost the knockout game in the closed qualification for European Series.

Before the European Series Qualification coach Rasmus ’FaagaN’ Thomsen hoped to reach the semis at least, but the quarter final against Apokalypsa became the final destination for our hopes this time.

– Unfortunately we didn’t win against Akopalypsa. It was disappointing. We actually got off to a fine start, but we got hit by a D-dust at Andreas and we lost the second round. We never found the rhythm in the game and they got better and better through the game as they saw they could do it, FaagaN explains.

Our in-game leader, Andreas ‘blaq’ Elversøe was also disappointed but is ready to look forward for bigger things:

– It was of course disappointing to lose, but we’ll get more chances at tournaments like that in the future if we keep performing. We’re now focusing on ESEA Advanced and Dust2 Lan, he says.

The player has played big part in the team this season and he feels he is at the right place at the moment:

– I’ve learnt a lot from being in-game leader and by being a part of AGF Esport in general. I want to improve and learn more, so I can keep improving inside and outside the game. I want to be the best possible leader for the team, and that is also something you have to show outside the game. I’ll use my experience to help my teammates get better, he explains.

Elversøe also praised the concept at AGF Esport, as he sees the long term project as the way to make Esport a more stabil sportgenre:

– It’s great to be a part of AGF Esport as we can work with teamdevelopment, talentdevelopment and try new things. We know it’s a long term project and that makes it easier to test new tactics and ways of doing things. Now the results shows that we’re doing the right thing, he says.

Dust2 Lan Hillerød is played this weekend. You can follow our games at Twitch >>>