Copenhagen Games: The secret behind our victory

On Saturday night our CS:GO team made their biggest result in the history of the team, when they won the B-tournament at Copenhagen Games. But what’s the secret behind the victory and the good results recently?

Loud cheering and arms in the air. That’s the scenes at Lokomotivværkstedet just after beating StepXHydr 2-0 in the final of the Copenhagen Games. It was a bit of a surprise, as the team’s goal before the tournament was to advance from the group.

But instead of stopping and enjoying themselves after the group games, they kept on going, and beat Apeks, who are among the best teams in Norway and SJ Gaming from the top of Finland underway.

– Individually we’ve never played as good as we did at Copenhagen Games! Off course that’s part of the explanation. Everything went as we’d hoped for. All the details that we’ve trained and talked about did work and the guys just hit their opponents. It was a pleasure to watch, FaagaN explains.

On social media the team got a lot of credit for their good performances, but still it was a surprise that we went on to claim the overall victory. FaagaN thinks he knows the secret behind the victory:

– Of course our own level was spot on. That’s the main reason. But I also think most of our opponents didn’t prepare as well as we did. They focused on their own game instead of analyse our performances and we took advantage of that. That’s the good thing about being an underdog – the other teams didn’t watch our games and they didn’t know how to tackle our tactics, FaagaN reveals.

After this big performance the team has jumped on the HVLT ranking and some of the more advanced tournaments have contacted the coach:

– It’s no secret, that a performance like this gives better opportunities to go to bigger tournaments. We’ve already been contacted by a few organizers. We’re taking steps up the ladder and have proven that we belong in the top 10 in Denmark, he says.

The Copenhagen Games is one of the biggest eSports-events on Danish soil, and the team was very satisfied with the organizers this time:

– They’ve done an amazing job. I think this is the best event they’ve ever held. Good conditions for the players and the structure of the tournament made it worth playing for every team, so you just have to thank the organizers, FaagaN says.

Next up is Dust2Lan which is held the 10.-12. of May. Most of the Danish sub-top teams participates and 32 teams will compete for the prize pool of 60.000 kroner.

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