Another winning week in eSuperligaen

Niklas Jakobsen and Fatih Üstun did their job, and made it seven victories from eight games after beating FC Midtjylland and Brøndby IF this week in eSuperligaen. Some amazing matches were played, but ‘N1ller’ isn’t satisfied yet.

The FC Midtjylland-game on Monday turned out to be a real goal-mecca. ‘N1ller’ won his first match 2-1 against ‘The Kid’ and the league-topscorer Fatih ‘FIFAÜstun’ afterwards dominated ‘Niller’ in a 7-2-victory, despite the FC Midtjylland-player getting in front 2-1 after 15 minutes of play.

The match against Brøndby Tuesday evening was one of the most thrilling FIFA-matches ever played in Denmark. ‘N1ller’ was up against Dingo from Brøndby, who had only conceded six goals before the match. Our talented player lost 3-1 after missing a penalty in the second half. The decisive battle between Brøndbys Fredberg and our Fatih Üstun turned out to be an amazing game. Fredberg took the lead, so Üstun had to score at least three goals against his old teammate, just to equalize. But in the game’s last 20 minutes Fatih scored four times, and turned it all around to victory!

‘N1ller’ explains that AGF Esport had two different approaches to the games against FCM and BIF.

-This were two matches we could both win and lose. We knew it would depend on margins. We knew that we could beat FCM so we didn’t have any special tactics in relation to that match, but BIF was a big match and we talked a lot before the game. We wanted to play Fatih away because we knew he is the most offensive player and we wanted to get some away-goals, so that was a part of our tactics, Niklas explains.

Despite winning most of our matches, ’N1ller’ isn’t quite satisfied with his own performances.

– My personal season has certainly not been perfect. I allow my opponents to get back into the games, after I’ve taken the lead in the matches, and at the same time I feel that I have been a bit unlucky with some shots on the posts and stuff like that. But I’m happy to be here and I’m happy about our results, so I just want to continue develop my game, the 16-year old says.

Now we are second in the league, and Niklas tells that it is time to get the rest of our players in action.

– Lars Korreborg and Frederik Ellegaard is in focus in the next games, because we want to get every player into the tournament, so we all can develop and show our potential, he says.

The next challenge for our FIFA-team will be on Monday where we face OB in eSuperligaen.