AGF Esport strengthens the CS:GO team

In pursuit of results, AGF Esport now brings more experience into the organization’s CS:GO team. This is happening in the effort to speed up the fulfillment of AGF Esport’s sporting ambitions and goals. A lot has happened since AGF Esport was launched in January 2018. New players have arrived, tournaments have been lost and won, and the organization has presented new partners and sponsors. In addition to the main sponsor; Systematic, now KöD and are on AGF Esport’s jerseys, as well as AGF Esport has initiated cooperation with other smaller sponsors. We have also participated in many smaller tournaments, where both AGF Esport’s FIFA team and the CS:GO team have gained valuable experience for the organization’s young talents. Now more experience is gained at AGF Esport’s CS:GO team. The 23-year-old Andreas ‘blaq’ Elversøe and 24-year-old Jeppe ‘CeyL’ Christensen join in – the latter is taken from the German organization DarkOrigin. Later in the summer, AGF hopes to add another player. The new players will complement the young talents on the CS:GO team in pursuit of AGF Esport’s goal that the CS:GO team within three years must be able to perform at international level. – The basic value of AGF Esport is still the development of talents. But it must go hand in hand with the sport results and achievement of our goals. Therefore, we now want to strengthen the CS:GO team considerably with two new good players who has more experience than the rest of the team. We are constantly evolving, and we are now pushing for the positive development, so we can achieve our goals, says Director of AGF Esport. Dan Jessen, who thinks the experienced players can support AGF Esport’s core value of talent development. – It’s important that the young players have someone to learn from – they cannot develop alone. So, in many areas these additions are strengthening our team and our entire organization, and with our coach Rasmus Møller Thomsen at the forefront, we are confident that we can make the most of our experience – without compromising our values ​​and talent development, adds Dan Jessen from AGF Esport.