AGF eSport invited to European Series Qualification

After the big performance at Copenhagen Games, the CS:GO team has been invited for the European Series Season 3 qualification. And we’ve fine opportunities to qualify for the main tournament according to coach FaagaN.

The tournament takes place from Thursday to Friday this week and after the victory at Copenhagen Games Rasmus FaagaN Thomsen hopes to deliver another huge result at the qualification:

– It’s a closed qualification, so you have to be invited for this one. We’re eight teams competing for two spots for the main tournament where it’s mostly professional teams who participates. I think there’s okay chances to deliver another remarkable result here, the coach explains.

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The tournament structure is like at the Copenhagen Games, where it’s best of three in a knockout stage. The first match is against Akopalipsa from Serbia and if we win that one it will be either GameAgents or Copenhagen Flames in the semifinal.

– The structure fits us well. We’re at least secured two maps, and then it’s up to us to win one of them at least. We’re going to continue our good shape. With the same mentality I can’t see why this shouldn’t end up with another great performance from the boys, FaagaN explains.

Copenhagen Flames is above us in the learderboard and last time we met them we lost 16-9 but FaagaN believes that if they are our opponent in the semis we’ll have a better chance to succeed this time:

– They are going through a difficult time, and we can play better than them if we hit the day. It would be a huge accomplishment to take one of the two spots for the tournament. It’s not unlikely that we can do this, and then everything can go fast as we’ve seen after Copenhagen Games where we’ve received a lot of invitations to tournaments like this, he says.

Our team has moved up the leaderboard after the Copenhagen Games, and FaagaN thinks this tournament can give us another hit towards the top:

– I think we can collect more points here and advance on the leaderboard. It would make a big difference for us and for the way the other teams and organizers look at us. Everybody loves a good underdog, and right not that’s our role to play. That means the organizers wants us to come to their tournaments if we keep performing, FaagaN explains.

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