Mikkel Thomsen Rom

Mikkel Thomsen

Mikkel Thomsen

Age: 29

Town: Viborg

Why I play FIFA: I have loved football, since I’ve been able to walk. My first love was the FIFA 99 game. That game was amazing, and it really brings back some fantastic childhood memories.


My favorite player: Iniesta – he got a real ‘football mind’ and thinks quicker than any other player. His vision is amazing and he makes everything looks so easy. He doesn’t make a lot of skill moves, but still he can easily run pass two or three opponents with the ball. He plays the same position as I did, when I were active as a player and he has been my favorite since Ronaldinho left the pitch.


My favorite FIFA player: Neymar – he is fabulous when he got the ball. His weak foot is almost as good as his best one, and he has some crazy skillmoves in the game. He is a key player when I play.


My favorite team: Juventus is the best team without any doubt. Good defensive, good midfield and amazing offensive. That’s the team with the most five-star skillers. I love to win, but I love to win in great style even more, and that’s why it’s nice to have a lot of players that can dribble.


My favorite FIFA team: Barcelona. When Henry made his debut at Barcelona I became a fan. I like their work with talents, their motto and their style of play. It’s not enough to win – you must win in a beautiful way and honor the game. That’s how I play too. I like to win in an elegant way. When players like Messi, Iniesta and Ronaldinho is a part of the team you can’t do anything but love them. Then the atmosphere at Camp Nou is electric, and that’s why I know this is my club.


Favorite formation in FIFA: 4-4-2. If you got the right players this is a very offensive formation. You can have a lot of possession if you got two good central midfielders. If you have that, this formation provides a lot of opportunities and it is very good against the meta 4-2-3-1 formation that is in the game right now.

– Participated in FIFAFY

– Collected more than 30.000 kroner by starting his own FIFA charity-tournament

– Earned more than 1 million coins in one day with a budget of 100.000 coins.